My name is Thérèse and I am from Paris, France. I have been living in this country for 26 years now, with my 'Franglais' family, and I have enjoyed mixing up both cultures in my artwork and my life.
Originally I trained as a scientist but have always worked part time to allow me to pursue my artistic interests. I have worked with different media including printmaking, ceramics, metal and polymer clay jewellery. A few years ago I decided to give more space and time to my creativity and have enjoyed it enormously.
I have always had a passion for wool, its gentle animal smell, its lustre, its softness and warmth.
I make my own felt or use premade 100% wool one. It is the canvas for the more subtle and precise art of embroidery.
My work often tells a story, from the 'Romance de grenouilles', to the 'Quand les poules auront des dents' and have a sense of movement. I come from a culture of comics (bandes dessinées) and this is my way to tell a short story.
I mostly use upcycled materials with a 80% or more natural fibre content. Every piece I make is unique, my mind is buzzing with ideas but I can work on commission if needed.
Au revoir et à bientôt.



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